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return to topAre the phones answered in my company name?

Yes! You decide how we answer your phones and what you want our operators to say.  We act as a virtual extension of your company that gives the exact sound and feel of your business based on your specifications.

return to topWhere are you located?

Our operations are based out of our corporate headquarters in San Diego, CA.  We have a fully staffed professional office environment ensuring your calls are always answered professionally.  Your calls will not be sent to telecommuters or overseas.

return to topHow do I retrieve my messages?

You can always call in to retrieve your messages or you can choose to receive them in one of our automated methods.  This includes text messaging to your cell phone, through email, by fax or verbally.   NOTE: Ring US Live will only store message for up to 60 days.  Ask our Customer Service dept if you have further question regarding storage of messages.

return to topHow do I route my callers to you so you can answer our phones?

It’s simple!  Just make sure you have call forwarding capability on your lines from your phone company – or check to see if your phone system has call forwarding capabilities.  Then simply call your phone company and ask them to forward your lines to a local number that we provide when you sign up for service.  We will promptly answer your calls until you turn off call forwarding on your lines.

return to topDo I have to sign a long term contract?

RingUsLive will never ask you to sign a long term contract. Our service agreements are month to month – we only require you to give us a signed 30 day notice in writing that will become effective at the end of your current billing month.  We keep it simple by only billing in full month increments with no contract and no partial months.

return to topHow Long does it take to setup my account?

In many instances accounts can be setup the same day that  you sign up depending on the complexity of your needs.

return to topAre calls ever outsourced to a foreign country?

Absolutely not.  We have a full domestic staff in a professional call center environment.  All RingUsLive phone operators are English speaking native and report to a call center manager daily.  We take pride in providing jobs to the US economy. No foreign accents!

return to topI’m just starting a new business.  Initially my call volume will be low. Do you have requirements on how large my company has to be or how many calls I need to get?

There are no minimum requirements.  Whether your company has one employee or ten thousand, we can tailor a service package to satisfy your call center requirements and effectively handle your customer needs.

return to topI’m not sure what my call volume is or what it is going to be in the near future. Am I going to be stuck paying huge overage fees?

We understand the needs of small business.  Rather than penalizing you for doing more business (which we both want), we closely monitor your monthly usage.  If needed we can automatically adjust your account and place you on a more cost effective pricing plan.