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A live voice coupled with exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of every successful business and entrepreneur. RingUsLive can customize any account to fit your business model and make the transition to using an answering service completely smooth.  Following are some types of industries we currently service:

Health Care – When calls are on the line, so are patients’ lives. With the quick assistance of a medical answering service, crisis can be averted by having our live operators answer and forward the most essential calls. RingUsLive stands as a premier medical answering service.  Let RingUsLive make your life easier by setting up a customized medical answering service to meet the needs of your practice.

Construction – We understand the importance of contractors need to respond quickly to their customer calls.  One missed or inaccurately dispatched call could result in a lost job opportunity or a less than satisfied customer.  Our service ensures that each and every call is answered promptly by experienced agents that will capture the information that you want, and dispatch efficiently, leaving you more time to run your business and less time managing people.

Event Registration – Whether it’s a trade show, sporting event or student recruitment, RingUsLive will save you time, money, and increase event attendance. Our professional, courteous agents will answer your calls 24 hours a day 365 days a year so you never miss a registrant.

Finance & Insurance – Financial planners give advice regarding investments, insurance, taxes, wills & trusts, and mortgages – advice tailored to the customer’s needs to help achieve their investment goals.  Being able to effectively manage these calls is critical.  With RingUsLive you’ll have the freedom to focus on additional clients and maintain or exceed the professionalism that has become synonymous with your business.

Legal Attorneys provide a professional service and must be represented accordingly. Whether you are a freelancing attorney or a full fledged firm, you can rest assured your high level of professionalism will be maintained by our experienced operators.

Holistic Therapy From the way your call is answered to the way we say goodbye, RingUsLive understands that your callers are seeking optimal wellness in mind, body and spirit.  First impressions play a large role in how your services are interpreted. It is  and if the caller will become a repeat customer.  That is why we take every call very seriously and create a long lasting positive impression for your business. Our Appointment scheduling service option is also an excellent way to book client appointments.

Real Estate –  We know agents are always busy whether it’s talking on the telephone or showing properties, you need an effective way to answer phone calls.  In real estate, clients want a personal experience, the last thing you want them to get is a recording.  RingUsLive is the best available option for helping real estate agents and offices thrive.

Other Industries Served – Don’t see your industry and wondering  how we can help you more efficiently run your business?  RingUsLive offers business owners the top notch customer service they demand, without having to train and maintain a staff.  We provide a variety of services for every type of business such as order entry, appointment scheduling and virtual reception.  The great ting is that we do it at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire and manage a staff to do a similar job.  RingUsLive is the answer you have been waiting for! Contact us today for more information.

RingUsLive specializes in creating customized business packages fit for your business needs.  Please contact us .