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A. Telephone Answering Service

Ring US Live Answering / Call Pro's Call Center is committed to giving you the best professional customer service. We have a variety of plans to suit your Live Answering Needs.
Choose the plan that best fits your company's needs.

All packages include a local number & message delivery; by Text, E-mail or Verbally

Please select your call package below.

SmallBiz Call Plans:
Calls Per Month Price Per Month Additional Call 50 $49.95 $1.05
100 $95.00 $0.99
250 $195.00 $0.91
500 $385.00 $0.90

MediumBiz Call Plans:
Calls Per Month Price Per Month Additional Call 600 $456.00 $0.89
800 $600.00 $0.88
900 $703.00 $0.87

CorporateBiz Call Plans:
Calls Per Month Price Per Month Additional Call 1100 $803.00 $0.85
2500 $1800.00 $0.83
5000 $3500.00 $0.80

(Please select the number of calls per month)
(* If you would like a "custom volume" please contact us reguarding such.)
24 Hours, 7 Days a Week UPGRADE
$45.99 minimum non-refundable set-up charge applied to cost of up to1 hour customized training, programming and scripting! Unlimited and custom plans are available upon request from our Sales Team.

Ring Us Live / Call Pro’s Inc will customize your message delivery to meet your specifications. Choose from e-mail, pager, fax, or voicemail. We can have our operators call you directly and delivery your messages over the phone. Choose as many methods as you need

Method of Delivery Price Per Month
Email Sent to Your Email Free
Text Message Sent to Your Cell Free
Fax Services Messages Faxed Daily $10.99
Operator Live Message Delivered $20.99
Patching Transfer Live Call To $29.99
IVR/Auto Attendant Setup an Auto Attendant $25.99
Call Record Record All Calls $50.26
Toll Free Number Toll Free Services $10.99

Service your company provides:
Answering Phrase you want us to use when answering your line:
Patch the caller to you? Yes No Message will be taken
Names and Contact numbers for employees we will patch calls to:
Name Phone Number After Hours Emergency Calls
If after hour emergency calls are taken:
Call minutes between calls:
If unable to contact in minutes, please call at:
Name of Person:
Phone Number:
OK to leave message on voicemail? Yes No
(If you use a weekly on-call schedule, please email or fax.)

B. Automated Message Delivery Option:

Would you like Automated Message Delivery? Yes No
What additional information is needed in messages other than name, call back number and message?
Names, Contact Numbers, and E-mail addresses that messages are to be delivered to:
Note: You are able to select more than one method per Contact Person.
Name Select Method Address / Number

C. Scheduling and/or Order Taking

Do you want Scheduling and/or Order Taking Service? Yes No
Order Taking Special Instructions:

D. Voice Mail Services $9.99/month

Do you want Voice Mail Service for $9.99 a month? Yes No
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E. Method of Payment

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